About us

Zerioli's farm is near Ziano Piacentino a village in  Piacenza hills. The business activity dates from 1890 and the tradition has been handed on from father to son for 5 generations.

Among them we have to remember the Knight of Work Filippo Zerioli member of the Vine and Wine Italian Academy  who obtained international renown.

Today the farm spreads out along 77 hectars: 62 Ha are specialized vineyards divided in 3 farms: Pozzolo, Montecucco and Poggio giving a beautiful natural setting to the cellar.

Our farms are on Ziano Piacentino hills in Tidone valley, they are at 280 meters hight and they have calcareous, cleyey ,fresh and compact grounds.    

The vines-growing systems are the simple Cordone Libero and the Cordone Speronato.

The farms create uncontaminated surrondings. We have chosen secure methods of “Produzione Integrata” Misura 10.1.01  since 2000 in order to respect ecological system and to protect environment. In this way we don’t kill useful insects and we preserve human health.

In order to guarantee the traditional genuiness and typicalness of our wines we pick up grapes in the best moment of maturity, we turn them directly in the cellar using modern equipments and natural vinification processes.  So we mantain the wine characteristics obtaining both young, fresh, scented sparkling wines and still wines more structured and refined in barriques.  

Our strength are traditional and autochthonous wines. We produce Piacentini D.O.C. wines such as: Gutturnio Superiore still wine or Gutturnio (sparkling), Bonarda dry or sweet, Barbera, OrtrugoPinot Grigio Rosè , Malvasia di candia aromatica dry or sweet and Sauvignon.

Versatile vines and wines who give their best also lightly aged; so you can find not only the young wines of the year but also the mellow, refined and structured wines  result of patient selections, aged in barrique such as Gutturnio Riserva D.O.C., Cabernet Sauvignon D.O.C. and Vin Santo D.O.C. Vigna del Duomo.   

All  these are D.O.C. and they have an interesting price and a very good quality.